Landscape design and construction offered by Green Circles is a great way to beautify your yard and garden. These landscape construction services will create a design that stands out from basic landscaping. The Green Circles method is available for residential properties, public areas, and corporate grounds, and the design can be catered to your individual preferences.

A good combination of vegetation and non-living materials will be used to create colors and textures that match the surroundings. Landscape architecture construction is more than just planting a few trees and bushes, because a well-designed garden area will have focal plants, objects in the design to capture your eye, and a natural flow throughout the yard.

Plants are chosen based on their design value, as well as the functional benefits that the plant can offer. The final result of this landscaping construction process is an area that is breathtaking and creates the right ambiance for your property.

Deck and Fences

At Green Circles, we offer many options that are available for decks and fencing. These yard features are both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Choose fencing that sections off your property to maintain property lines, and also adds a beautiful design element to the yard. We always use high quality products for every deck and fence that is installed, to ensure the durability of these features.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve several purposes in landscape construction, and the size and shape of the wall is based on the overall layout of the property. These walls help to transform a sloped area into an attractively landscaped design to provide the functional support that is needed for keeping the soil in place. The Green Circles method offers various materials for retaining walls, including wood and stone.

Paving Stone

Choosing pavement for your landscape design is an important decision, because the pavement will impact the overall appearance of the landscaping. At Green Circles, we are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful space for your home or commercial property. Consider the advantages of paving stones, which are very beautiful and they require minimal maintenance over the years.

Natural Stone and Boulders

Many times, objects are integrated into landscape construction, because they draw the eye to various areas of the yard. The Green Circles method can integrate natural stone and boulders into your design, to build an area that you will be proud to show your family and friends. There are various colors, features, and sizes available to perfectly fit into your landscape design.

Water Features and Ponds

Integrating water features and ponds in your landscape design can be a unique way to add features that are beautiful and eye-catching. It is very serene to have a water feature in your yard, and often these water features and ponds can be a central focus in the landscaping design. Contact Green Circles for more information about the water features that can be added to your landscaping design.


When a landscaping design is installed, it is important to integrate an irrigation system to deliver water to the plants. The Green Circles method is focused on quality and efficiency with irrigation, and each irrigation system is designed specific to the needs of your yard. These irrigation systems make it easy to maintain the upkeep of your yard and garden.


Garden and yard lighting sets the right mood for the area, and lighting is often considered the finishing touch that will add an extra element of beauty to the design. When we are planning your landscaping design, we will consider the lighting features that will make your yard beautiful. The Green Circles method always focuses on quality, and you will love the results when you choose lighting for your yard.


One element that needs to be considered for your landscape design is drainage, which allows the water to properly flow out of the garden area to prevent unnecessary pooling. Without the right drainage, the pooling might cause erosion and damage in the garden or yard. At Green Circles, we always integrate the right drainage systems to ensure the long-term durability of your garden.

Tree, Shrub and Plant Installation

Planning the trees, shrubs, and plants in your yard is the perfect way to add the finishing touch for your landscaping design. Once the right plants are integrated into the design, we will source high-quality plants and install them in your yard. Trees, shrubs, and plant installation is always incorporated into your landscape design services.

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