Garden landscaping is the perfect solution to create a paradise in your yard. It is important that your home is a safe haven—a comfortable environment where you enjoy spending your time. With garden landscaping, you can create a beautiful area, and then utilize the benefits of gardening services so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

This design process is both practical and functional, helping you create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. We will work closely with you, to ensure that your goals are met with the design process. Garden services will help you bring your garden to its full potential!

Perennial and Annual Planting

When we are designing the plant layout for your garden, we will consider both annual and perennial plants so that you can enjoy the garden throughout the year. This planting plan is developed based on the requirements of the area that is available, as well as the overall appearance of the garden.

The Green Circles Method is to be selective about the quality of plants that we choose. Plant tolerance can vary depending on the types of plants that are being used. We use precautions to be selective about the plant sources, the planting process, and the care that is provided after the plants are placed. Additionally, fertilizer and watering suggestions will be provided, to help you get the best results from your new plants.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Trees and shrubs are a great investment for your garden, because they add a beautiful element to the yard. If you are interested in garden trees and shrubs, we will help you decide the best plants to choose depending on the space that is available. A site assessment allows us to do a chemical and physical soil test as well as a species requirement analysis.

The analysis and testing helps us to determine the best timing and space requirements for each of the plants. Our Green Circles staff will prepare, amend and cultivate the garden shrubs and plants, and install the plants in a way that helps them to easily integrate into the new environment. Also, we will gladly help with ongoing garden maintenance to maintain the health of the landscaping trees and shrubs.


Pruning rules vary between species
Determine why pruning is required
Determine the best timing for pruning
Provide best cultural practice and technique for pruning

When considering pruning of trees, shrubs, hedges and perennials, three important questions should first be asked – Why, When, and How. There are thousands of academic articles on the subject of pruning. Correct pruning can provide many benefits in the long term such as increased flower and fruit production, improved bark and stem colour, control of growth and size, increased health and vigor, as well as assisting to recover from and prevent future injury.

Green Circles Method:
Green Circles will assess your pruning needs based on; maintaining the plant material in optimal health, training and pruning away from obstruction or toward a specific shape, restricting growth, or improving flower or fruit production. Green Circles staff will:

1. Correctly cut and remove all of the determined plant material as pertaining to disease, wind or snow damage, dead or dying branches
2. Use corrective pruning methods on branches to open the canopy
3. Make cuts clean and smooth following the listed techniques and best practices for the plant
4. Disinfect all cutting tools with alcohol or bleach (sodium hypochlorite) to prevent the spread of disease between cuts and between jobs

Weed Control and Cultivation

It can be frustrating to have a weed problem in your yard, and we can help you get those weeds under control. If you are experiencing weed overgrowth in your garden or lawn, we will visit your yard to evaluate the problems and provide lawn weed control recommendations.

Weed control in lawns involves the identification of the plants that are growing, cultivation and removal of both annual and perennial weeds, and cleanup to improve the appearance of the yard. At Green Circles, we also offer weed control in lawns, to get rid of the weeds that are growing throughout the yard. Most of the time, two visits for lawn care weed control will allow us to help the weed growth to subside, and we will also focus on boosting the health of your lawn with fertilizing treatments.

Fresh Soil

When you are getting ready to place plants in your garden, you need to consider fresh soil requirements for the best results. High quality garden soil will have a direct impact on the success of your garden. This soil should be free of weeds, have the ability to hold in moisture, adequate drainage, and have the right pH and EC balance to support plant growth. Additionally, we add the right types of organic material, to boost the growth of the plants in the garden.

At Green Circles, we offer garden preparation, landscaping, and maintenance. We will provide weeding, edging, and cultivation that is about 5 – 10 inches deep. We can help you assess the plants that you would like in the garden, so that the best type of fresh soil can be placed before the plants are installed.


If you want to prevent weeds, then you need to use garden mulch over the surface of the ground. Mulching helps to retain moisture in the soil, it improves the texture of the soil, prevents soil erosion, and it also prevents weeds at the same time. In Toronto, mulch is also important to maintain a consistent soil temperature in the colder months.

Green Circles Method is to visit your garden to assess the area and choose the best mulch for your needs. Garden mulch can be both beautiful and practical, allowing you to improve the aesthetics and reduce maintenance at the same time.

Winter Protection

When the weather starts to cool down, you should consider garden winter protection to protect your trees and plants during the harsh winter months. These colder months can be dangerous for your trees and shrubs, especially if they are young or newly planted. Some of the hazards of winter include: broken branches from ice and snow, pests can eat the plants, and the changing temperatures and wind can cause damage to the tissue of the plants.

At Green Circles, we offer garden winter protection to protect your plants. You can use a garden nursery or plant nursery during these colder months. We also offer wrapping, screening, mesh guards, and mulching depending on the types of plants and trees that are in the garden. We will do a site visit to assess the needs of your yard, and make custom recommendations to help you manage your garden through the winter months.

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