Ongoing lawn maintenance is important to keep your yard looking beautiful. Lawn care can be a lot of work, which is why you should consider the lawn maintenance services that we offer.

At Green Circles, we can provide a variety of grass maintenance services to protect your yard and make it look nice, including lawn fertilizer and lawn mowing.

Spring Clean up

When the weather warms up and the snow starts to melt, your yard will benefit from spring cleanup and lawn care. In fact, Spring Cleanup lawn service is one of the most important parts of the garden and yard maintenance services that Green Circles offers. Proper Spring Cleanup will prevent problems such as insect infestation, weeds, and disease.

Green Circles will assess the needs of your yard and garden and clean up the entire property, including the lawn, garden, walkways, patios, driveways, decks, and under the hedges. The leaves will be cleaned up, and other debris will be removed. After the yard has been cleared, we are available to help by planting fresh spring flowers and bulbs, and we can also put together a fertilizer and maintenance plan for ongoing care.


Aeration should be done on your lawn at least once a year, and this treatment is an effective way to improve the health of your lawn. Benefits of aeration include:

  1. Control the development of the thatch layer
  2. Reduce disease and insect infestation
  3. Reduce the compaction of the soil
  4. Increase the activity of soil microorganisms that work to decompose thatch
  5. Reduce the damage from summer drought
  6. Maximize the effectiveness of insect control applications
  7. Control weed growth
  8. Improve rooting of the lawn
  9. Increase nutrients, water, and oxygen movement within the soil
  10. Prevent fertilizer run-off in overly-compacted areas

Green Circles will assess your property and make the best recommendations based on the soil characteristics of your lawn. We use high quality aeration equipment to ensure the best treatments for your property. Aeration is most effective when it is combined with a fertilizer program or other lawn care services.


Cleaning up the edges of your lawn is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the aesthetics of the yard and garden. Edging is the service that creates a clean division between the grass and gardens. The finished edge is beautiful, and it is also an effective way to prevent plants and grass from growing in the wrong areas. Edging is an effective way to manage erosion from rainwater and irrigation.

Green Circles Method offers high quality edging services, and it is a great solution when combined with weed control and cultivation in your yard. We will assess the needs of your yard and garden to make recommendations based on the services that will be beneficial for you.

Repair Lawn

If your lawn is looking old and worn, then you should consider lawn repairing services to freshen it and improve the overall appearance of your yard. At Green Circles, we offer a variety of options to repair your lawn, and we invite you to contact us to learn more. These are some of the treatments that are available:



This treatment includes a complete removal of your existing grass, weeds, and thatch. The soil is then cultivated and amendments are made as needed. Then we will spread, rake and roll the seed and install a temporary irrigation system that can be used until the new grass is established.



Sod is a fast and effective way to quickly stabilize the area, and it involves transplanting a solid cover of actively growing grass. We will prepare the soil by removing weeds and existing grass, cultivate the soil, and then install the sod with a firm connection to support the establishment of a solid root system.



If you want to improve the quality of your lawn, then you should consider topdressing. This application of a thin layer of organic material provides natural elements to improve water drainage and promote the development of a healthy lawn. We will dethatch and remove any weeds that are present, cut the grass very short, and then spread the topdressing soil mix evenly over the area.

Moss Control-3

Moss Control

Moss is an indication that there are problems in your garden, and the moss should be addressed right away. We will assess the physical and chemical characteristics of the moss, remove any invasive weeds and moss, and then cultivate the soil and treat it to correct the pH balance within the soil.

Fall Cleanup

When the weather starts to cool down, it is a good idea to use fall cleanup techniques to prepare your lawn and garden for the winter months. Thoroughly cleaning up the yard will ensure the health of your lawn and plants. If the yard is neglected before winter starts, then you might be facing disease and fungi infestations the following year.

At Green Circles, we offer thorough fall cleanup services for your entire property. We will collect leaves and debris, trim back perennials, and protect your yard with individualized services that are needed for the winter months. Contact us to learn more about the options that are available.

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